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Our Vision

The Vision of Homes of Hope is to leave each life we encounter better than we found it, by sharing the relentless love of our heavenly father; to minister to the entire family and, when possible, return the children to a loving, healthy home.

Our Mission

The Mission of Homes of Hope is to assist families in crisis by providing safe, nurturing and Christ-centered homes for their children and to offer hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Current Emphasis

In 2021 we reassessed the needs in our community, determining that foster families and foster family support are currently large needs in Bedford County. We are committed to recruiting Christian foster families and offering support to all Bedford County foster families. 

We also continue to offer support to at-risk families and families who are raising someone else's biological children such as adoptive families, family members, neighbors, friends, etc. 

If you are a foster family or someone raising children other than your own, please reach out to us today. We'd love the opportunity to talk with you and determine if we might offer you support in some way. 

About Us

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